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"KOKOWERK is a hard-hitting garage rock and roll band, considered a fresh breath in their genre."
- The Music Butcher (US)



KOKOWERK official web/News /Friend: Single release June 15th
KOKOWERK Friend Single Cover

Friend: Single release June 15th

June 15th we released another single – “Friend”

Vocalist and lyricist Erik keeps his cards close to his chest regarding what this song is really about, but one thing is sure, this is the most energetic, hard rocking, bass driven, riff based rock ‘n roll tune we have so far! We are exited!

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Norwegian rockers KOKOWERK released their third single, “Friend”, on June 15th 2018. It follows their excellent tracks “Gasoline” (featured as Track of the day here in February) and “Red, White & Blue”. “Friend” is a catchy, infectious rock song with a groovy bassline and glorious riffs. - Maria Savva (Real Rock And Roll Blog (UK))